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A room without wallpaper never looks complete in the eye of interior decorators. Generally, customized wallpaper adds an amazing theme to your walls, and it can also communicate a very important message to your customers. Whether it’s a customized wallpaper or general wallpaper, it will still play a major role on your wall. 

Some of us are fond of game spots, and hanging a personalized wallpaper of our favorite footballer shows how much they love every player. Designing wallpapers hasn’t been easy, but our company, which is the best wallpaper manufacturer in Delhi, is fully dedicated to printing customized wallpaper that suits your interests.  We have a wide range of products including the following.

Types of Wallpapers for Walls available Online in Delhi

3D wallpapers:-

When you need your office to look attractive and welcoming, you can always hang 3D wallpapers around. However, not so many wallpaper manufacturers in Delhi can provide state-of-the-art 3D wallpapers other than AadiPrint Company. With over 200 wallpapers, you can always choose one the most suitable for your office. 

Other than buying readymade wallpapers, you can still request a customized 3D wallpaper.  With as low as Rs. 60 per sq. feet, you’ll find it reasonable to invest in these kinds of art. 3D basketball, 3D Buddha, and 3D crystals are among the best products you can choose from in this category

Floral wallpapers:-

Other than using 3D wallpapers, you can also use floral wallpapers if you love flowers. These wallpapers normally improve the look of any space by adding unique flower decorations to your walls. There are about 155 floral wallpapers from our catalogue, and you can choose from 3D floral wallpapers, abstract floral wallpapers, animated floral wallpapers, and artistic floral wallpapers.

Kids wallpapers

Have you ever determined the kind of themes your kid loves? Do you know that adding one or two kids’ wallpapers to their rooms would make your kids thrilled?  Kids normally get attracted to nature paintings, but you have to deal with a Wallpaper trader in Delhi that understands kids’ needs for them to create sleek customized kid’s wallpapers.  

Luckily, our team of experts has been researching to ensure the wallpaper you buy from our store is worth the money. You can choose from the 61 kids’ wallpapers, including the Castle, elephants, plane, rainbow, 3D dinosaur, big hero wallpaper, and many more.

Collage wallpapers

Suppose you are looking for the best designer wallpaper manufacturer in Delhi. In that case, you should give a call to Aadiprint printing company that’s known to produce luxury wallpaper for living rooms and other spaces within your home. College wallpapers are always great at storing your memories together, and hang the wallpapers where you will be able to see them.  

Whenever you are looking for animal collage wallpaper, coffee, or flag wallpapers, there is much more you can get. Our company can help you design your own wallpaper online to include every part of your life that matters within the wallpapers.  So far, there are 22 different collage wallpapers you can order, but if you are after custom wallpaper printing services, we’ll always be ready to sort you out.

Wildlife wallpapers

For those of us who love wildlife or would like to create a room with friendly wildlife wallpapers, you can always get in touch with our company, the wallpaper supplier in Delhi. Butterflies, deer, deer & sparrow, golden jungle, golden sparrow, lion, jungle life, moon, and deer are among the best wildlife wallpapers you can order from our selections. 

These luxury wallpaper for living rooms cost as little as 60 INR per sq. ft. which is very affordable considering the nature of materials used and the beauty it will add to your room.

Travel wallpapers

Do you know that we have 14 different types of travel wallpapers that will change the look of your home? You don’t have to be a travel fan to buy these categories of wallpaper, but your friends and visitors will appreciate the kind of work we’ve done. 

Also, for those of us who have been to these fantastic destinations or admire being there some days, ordering a customized travel wallpaper with the picture of your favourite location will remind you of your lifetime dreams. It makes your home look more of a paradise than just an ordinary room. Check out the bridge wallpapers, city wallpapers. countries wallpapers

Painting wallpapers

These are other important parts of wallpapers we have to offer. There is a different kind of painting that will make your home look glorious. Out of the 72 painting wallpapers, you can choose one with Buddha, city painting, canvas painting, or artistic paintings. When your friend visits you, you’ll have something to talk over. 

Reasons to Buy Wallpapers Online from Aadiprint India:-

We understand that there is more than one wallpaper supplier in Delhi, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find the best one.  Aadiprint has a story dating back to over the last 20 years while creating high-quality home décor items.  Other than experience, there are other reasons why we are still the best online wallpaper store in Delhi. 

We deal with wallpapers and cover other products such as canvas prints, laptop skin, fridge wraps, and door murals. Well, before spending your hard-earned cash on our customized 3D wallpaper for walls, below is everything you should know about our firm

Super print materials:-

We understand how durability is very important, and bearing in mind that you may be using these wallpapers in areas that may be affected by extreme conditions, we created wallpaper materials that will last long enough. However, our customers have to choose the types of print materials before making any order from the following list

  • Canvas textured wallpaper (adhesive)
  • Matte finish wallpaper (non-adhesive)
  • Stroke’s wallpaper (non-adhesive)

All these three different types of paper have pros and cons, but they are all designed for maximum durability. They will enable your custom mural wallpapers to stay true to their nature for years to come.

Different types of wallpapers

When looking for personalized wallpaper, Aadiprint is the only designer wallpaper manufacturer in Delhi with the skills and manpower to get the work done. Well, you may want to buy customized wallpapers but are still not sure of the best one. 

Luckily, the company has different types of wallpapers online that you can choose from.  Under the wallpapers section, you’ll find College, Music, Ocean & Beach, Abstract & background, Nature, Outer Space, Text Graphic, White & Black, Painting, Travel, Waterfall, Wildlife wallpapers.

Excellent customer service:

When you get to our website, you’ll find over 3000 amazing products that you can use during interior decoration. Perhaps, there is some clearance or ensuring you would like to make, well, our phone numbers are open, and we respond to our customers as soon as possible. 

We are the best wallpaper manufacturer in Delhi and pay much attention to the satisfaction of our customers. We have a team of professional customer care service providers who will help you design your wallpaper online without struggling much.

Customer-friendly prices:

How many luxury wallpapers for the living room will you need? Well, you don’t need to break your band to buy our wallpapers. For instance, 3D Cubes wallpapers cost approximately Rs. 60 per sq. ft. by calling our customer care team, we will provide you with a realistic estimation for your custom wallpaper for walls.


Another major reason for buying custom wallpapers from us is because of our level of experience. We’ve worked in this industry for more than 20 years. Every time we research the best wallpaper design that blends easily with the modern, traditional or contemporary interior décor. 

We work with a trained marketing sales team and designers who will ensure your order is brought to you as you expect it. our custom-made wallpapers are great and will make your home or office look completely different

Free shipping:

We are a proud wallpaper for walls dealer in Delhi determined to make our customers happy by eliminating hidden costs. The cost of our custom mural wallpapers is as indicated in our catalogue. You don’t have to pay for the shipping cost if you are within India.  Once you have made your order, our team will follow up to ensure you get your product within the agreed timeline and at your shipping address.

Easy-to-navigate website:

Getting your hands on good pieces of art takes time, and bearing in mind that we have over 3000 artworks, it may take you time to navigate throughout products. But we are a step ahead to make your shopping experience a good one. So, we have categorized our products, so you choose your favorite wallpaper from our list.

There is a lot more you can learn from your products. Even though we are determined to make a profit, customer satisfaction is also our number one priority. We are a renowned designer wallpaper manufacturer in Delhi because of the products, which are classic and worth the money. 

Unlike other Customized Wallpaper manufacturers & supplier in Delhi, Aadiprint worries about producing high-quality items, and that’s why you’ll never be disappointed when you visit our home decor online store.