Bansuri Matki


Bansuri Matki


Material – Acrylic

Thickness – 6mm

Color– black

Stick on the wall –Self Adhesive 3M tape



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Feel connected with your roots with the artistic Bansuri Matki Wall Hanging

Bansuri and Matki are one of the most widely recognized elements of Indian Culture. One can prominently find bansuri, Matki, peacock feather, etc in your old sculptures, artifacts, carvings, and much more. Bansuri and Matki signify Lord Krishna. AadiPrint with an aim to enlighten your décor and add more charm to your space offers you the designer acrylic made bansuri Matki wall hanging. The finely detailed wall hangings serve as a creative masterpiece and surely augments the appearance of your premise. These wall hangings allow you to give your interiors a touch of Indian culture and heritage with contemporary symbolic wall hanging. 

Striking features of Bansuri Matki Wall Hanging:

Artistic Brilliance: AadiPrint is associated with some of the best designers and craftsmen across the country. We strive to present a premium collection of wall hangings that are royal and classic. Our Bansuri Matki Wall hanging is a perfect amalgamation of culture and art. The brilliantly crafted bansuri Matki wall hanging has a contemporary feel and tone to it.

Finishing beyond perfection: The overall appearance and look of a wall hanging depends upon the finishing and quality of the products used to create the same. At AadiPrint, we give utmost attention to the quality of our wall hangings. All our products are crafted with utmost perfection. The finesse of our products is matchless. 

Stylish and Trendy: The heritage and contemporary bansuri and Matki wall hanging is a perfect combination of creativity and elegance. The décor element can perfectly style your interiors and mesmerize everyone with its beauty and grace.

Made by the experts: This handicraft wall hanging is made by expert and skilled artisans having expertise in designing and fabricating premium wall hangings. This bansuri matki wall hanging is an ideal gift for your loved ones especially during religious celebrations and festivities.

Enhance the beauty of your interiors with the designer bansuri Matki wall hangings. Buy now!

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