3D Abstract Multi Chromatic Fridge Sticker


3D Abstract Multi Chromatic Fridge Sticker


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That rickety refrigerator at the corner of your newly furbished kitchen can really be a sight stealer, and not in a good way, which is what makes this revolutionary 3D abstract multi chromatic fridge sticker is a must have d├ęcor item. You can change the look of your scratched-up fridge and have it be looking just as good (even better, really) as you first got it. Easy to apply and super durable, this fab looking refrigerator sticker will add that extra edge to your kitchen space. Wait no more, order this exclusive piece now at Aadi Print. We deliver to all major cities across India within just 4 days, all-the-more reason to click on and get your hands on your favourites ASAP.

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