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Aadiprint is among one of the leading industries dealing in canvas prints, wallpapers, fridge wraps, and many other unique products. Dealing with acrylic wall display, we provide the most reliable and aesthetic product to our customers. If you are looking for the creation of a personalized photo artwork, you need to find the perfect material on which the photograph would be printed.

Acrylic prints have gained popularity over the years. Made with special processes, these tend to intensify your aesthetic appeal.

The acrylic photo prints can be made directly by printing your image directly onto the acrylic. Once this is done, the photo is sealed with a white back coating.
Another process, known as face-mount, involves printing the image onto the paper. This image or photo is then sandwiched behind the acrylic.

The selection of the process also depends on the features exhibited by your photograph. Acrylic bears light-capturing properties and can enhance the colours of your photograph. It is responsible for providing a 3D look to your image. Crisp edges and glossy finishes are all that everyone wants after all.

Apart from this, the décor of your house also plays a great role in determining the type of prints you should buy. If your house receives a great amount of light and has large spaces, our acrylic wall displays are the best choice for you.

Based on the setting of your room. You can select from a variety of products like 2 Panel Acrylic Wall Display or 3 Panel Acrylic Wall Display. It depends on how much space of the wall you want to provide to the photographs. We have the modern and the latest designs available at our store to help you make an ideal room for yourself.

Moreover, acrylic is much durable and lightweight that makes it an ideal choice for you. It offers protection from moisture, UV rays, and even accident knocks.

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