canvas printIf we turn back the pages of time and go around 15-20 years back, canvas print technology did not exist. That was an era where people use to have picture frame, usually made by their local photographer. Time moved and, we noticed the advent of technology, which allowed us to print digitally through a PC. A canvas is a highly durable quality in simple language for making wallpapers, wall hangings, and other items that required durability. However, with the growing popularity and demand for a print photo on canvas, the same paper is use to create stock and personalized photo. The narration above matches precisely with the traditional canvas, which is made from hemp. However, with time, the high quality of papers is usually used to create canvases.

The future of canvas is glorious. But we believe that despite its popularity and the unbeatable space that it has made in people’s hearts, there are still users who are still unaware of gorgeous canvas prints. Talking about their durability and reliability, you can always find one of the oldest canvas oil paintings in Berlin (French Madonna with angels).


There are two kinds of the photo canvas print


Have they personalized Canvas Print? These canvas prints can gift it to someone close to you or use your personal/family photographs to decorate your house/office wall.

Stock Images

You can find these on the online portal at the time of choosing a design for your canvas. It can be some random clicks of nature or a painting made by some renowned painter. These are primarily the two kinds of the canvas print. However, you may have options in context to how you want to have your canvas.

Single Panel

This is the simplest way to get your photo canvas. You have to choose one out of the above two mention point and be print directly on a canvas.

Multi Panel

This is more creative in comparison to the single-panel canvas. Under this split canvas printing method, a photo is split into a different section, follow by each section printed on canvas.

Why choose Aadiprints

canvas print

Aadipint has more than 1000+ designs. We use the best quality materials to make the canvas long-lasting and give the personalized touch we provide the customized facility. Our motive is the satisfaction of the customer we have a trained team who give their 100% to deliver what customer is looking forward to. Making Canvas print the popular product is our goal.

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